How to Make Steamed Rice

Everyone loves steamed rice, it has such a nice taste as compared to other ways of making rice, but making steamed rice is not so simple, if you would like to learn how to make steamed rice then you are reading the right article, as I will teach you how to make steamed rice. First thing to do is get a good quality rice from your local grocery store, by good quality rice I mean something that’s a little more expensive then usual and also is a well trusted brand. Once you have obtained your rice, lets get home and learn how to steam that rice.

Now that you have the rice, you need to get out a special pot for steaming it, this pot needs to have one layer for the water, and another layer for the rice. Make sure that the rice layer has tiny wholes in the bottom for the steam to get through. Once you have found the pot, fill it up to about 1/2 inch under the rice section of the pot.

Turn your burner on to a medium temperature, then place the pot of water on. Once the water comes to a boil, put the rice into the top part, then put the lid back on the pot. Now the steaming process takes about 7-10 minutes, depending if you like your rice less cooked or more. If your not sure how you like your steamed rice, try it at about 8-9 minutes. If you want another method just grab a elite rice cooker and you can use that.

Now that the rice is done cooking, turn the burner off, remove the pot from the heat, and then remove the lid from the pot, give the rice about 2 minutes to cool down a little, then simply place onto a plate(s) And enjoy with your favorite vegetables / meats, and some tamarie sauce. And enjoy.

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Hope you enjoy your steamed rice, and any other recipes you may try from me.

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