Detroit, you must speak now!

We, the Public, are deeply disappointed in Wayne State University’s decision to stop the broadcast of all community programming and local daytime music on WDET, 101.9 FM, Detroit Public Radio. We should have a say in what is aired on WDET, OUR public radio station in Detroit. We have supported, promoted, and cultivated WDET for 35 years. Music is art, and it is also an integral part of Detroit’s rich and noteworthy history. Therefore, it should remain a large part of WDET, OUR public radio station. WDET is a part of the fabric of this city, and was one of the last mediums to expose listeners to a wide variety of diverse music from local to global artists, to independent and underexposed films and festivals, the marketplace to Detroit’s cultural festivals and events, local dining venues and much more.

Good News

Wayne State University’s Board of Governors has honored our request to be added to their agenda. The meeting will convene at 2:00 p.m. on January 25, in the McGregor Conference Center Room BC, on the Wayne State Campus. 

 You can also help by:

  • Volunteer your time, resources, money. Email us at
  • Signup for weekly updates from this web site, then spread the word!
  • Spread the word! Download the press release and forward to everyone on your email list.
  • If you donated money during the last WDET fundraiser, ask for it back.
  • Write, call, and email the people listed below.

Michael Coleman
4600 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI

Michael Coleman’s Boss 
(313) 577 6401

WSU Board of Governors
(313) 577-2034

Mailing Address:
656 West Kirby
Room 4231 FAB
Detroit, MI 48202

General comments or questions:
Email Teresa Boczar, Executive Secretary (at

Web site comments or questions:
Email Teresa Boczar,

WSU President’s Office (Irvin Reid)
Office of the President
4200 Faculty/Administration Building
Detroit, MI 48202
phone: (313) 577-2230
fax: (313) 577-3200

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